System Development

Control Systems (Embedded Software)

Development Achieved Keywords

ITORN, VX-WORKS, transmission system, HGW, Android (kernel layer), AUTO SAR, Exchangers, DNS Security Extensions, FA (Factory Automation) digital signage, SIP, Linux

List of Achievements
Name of the system Operating System Language(s)
In-vehicle navigation system Linux C Language / C++ Language
AUTOSAR-compliant In-vehicle software AUTOSAR C Language / C++ Language
Wireless communication system for overseas Linux C Language / C++ Language
Network switch equipment Vx-Works C Language / C++ Language
Wireless broadband router RWOS C Language / C++ Language
Android devices Android/Linux C Language / C++ Language


Development Case Example(s)
Android Device Development
Our engineers participated in developing projects specially systems/OS in the Android devices.

  • Customized Android open source and Linux Kernel.
  • Customized power saving features provided by CPU manufacturers.
  • Provided actual support for driver layers.


Web / Windows Application(s)

Development Achieved Keywords

Intellectual property search system, intellectual property management system, insurance management support tool, sales order revenue management system, elevator maintenance support tool, e-Learning system

List of Achievements
Name of the system Operating System Language(s)
Patent Information Management System (Web system) Windows2003srv C#.Net, JavaScript, etc.
Patent Information Search and Browsing System (Web system) Windows2003srv/2008srv C#.Net, VC++, etc.
Booking System intended for customers(Web system) Windows2008srv C#.Net, JavaScript, etc.
Elevator Defect Analysis Tool (Web system) Windows2008srv Java
VoIP Services (Web system) AIX Java
Support Tool(s) for Maintenance Engineers (Windows application) WindowsXP VB.NET


Development Case Example(s)
Intellectual Property Search System Development
Used by many people as Internet-based search services (commercial).

  • Provided one-stop services, from server selection and construction to system delivery.
  • Achieved optimization via data structure and customization suited for intellectual property information searches.



Education Business

Nippon Programming School


Pioneering programming school which started in 1998

Nippon Programming School has been dedicated to “training programmers” since its opening on September 1998.
The conditions surrounding the software industry has changed variably over the years. We have continued to guide our student every day based on our philosophy of “the power of building processes is the most important thing for programmers,” no matter how much has the OS programming languages and its environment changed.



AI programming training


The first step to AI engineers!

AI programming is a technology used for speech recognition, automatic driving, image recognition, etc.
AI (Artificial Intelligence) refers to a series of basic technologies that artificially realize intelligence similar to human beings on a computer or the like, and is currently drawing much attention.
Our company, as a first step towards AI engineers, we are carrying out courses that allow you to learn the basics of AI programming.




Business Etiquette Training for Foreigners


Let’s study the Japanese business manners

We conduct business etiquette training for foreign employees. The training has been delegated to us by Japan Business Ability Authorize Association (JBAA).
It is said that the problems occur at the workplaces with foreign employees can be traced to their lack of knowledge on business etiquette.
A former international flight attendant and a public relations officer at a major advertising agency who have been in customer service on business scenes will be the lecturers for the training.